Thursday, August 30, 2012

American Sign Language Interpreted Tour | Museum of Photographic Arts

Museum of Photographic Arts
American Sign Language Interpreted Tour
09.15.2012 1:00 pm

Join MOPA for an Interpreted American Sign Language guided tour. If you would like more information about tour, please contact Jazmyne Lemar at: or 619-238.7559x230.
Group rate for this event is $4.00 Three Story House Drawn from MOPA’s photography collection of more than 7000 images, Three Story House traces how photographers have captured the familiarity of the domestic environment to tell stories of how we live and where we live, as well as transforming it into a creative space to make art. The Jazz Loft Project: W.Eugene Smith in NYC, 1957-1965 In 1957, W. Eugene Smith, a former photographer at Life magazine, moved out of the home he shared with his wife and four children in Croton-on-Hudson, New York and moved into a dilapidated, five-story loft building at 821 Sixth Avenue in New York City’s wholesale flower district. 821 Sixth Avenue was a late-night haunt of musicians, including some of the biggest names in jazz—Charles Mingus, Zoot Sims, Bill Evans, and Thelonious Monk among them—and countless fascinating, underground characters. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Medical News Today Article: "What Is Deafness? What Is Hearing Loss?"

Medical News Today releases an article that not only defines the anatomy of sound but also offers an insight to the differences between hearing loss and deafness. The literature also explores the different types of hearing loss, whether hearing impairment can be prevented, signs and symptoms of hearing loss and what treatment options are currently available.

To read the full article, please visit: 

Robert Capita visits Hearing Research Institute

President Robert Capita at Hearing Research Institute (formerly House Ear Institute) last month with Principal Investigator Ray Goldsworthy and a summer intern.

President Robert Capita with Bob Shannon, Director/Division of Communication and Auditory Neuroscience, Neil Segil, Executive Vice President/Research and Rahda Kalleri Principle Investigator/Division of Communication and Auditory Neuroscienc.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Youngest Capita Grant Recipient Wins Google Science Fair

With great pleasure, Capita Foundation announces that our youngest-ever grant recipient, 14 year old Jonah Kohn from San Diego Jewish Academy, was just awarded First Place in Google’s International Science Fair.  From thousands of from over 100 countries, Jonah’s project, “Good Vibrations: Improving the Music Experience for People with Hearing Loss Using Multi-Frequency Tactile Sound”, was selected for First Place in his 13-14 age category and Second Place over all.

Jonah and other finalists presented their work to a panel that included Nobel laureate Ada Yonath, National Geographic explorer Sylvia Earle and a founding father of Internet, Vint Cerf, who has also been an advocate for people with hearing loss.   

“Some of the judges are heroes of mine.  Showing them my project was an honor.  The best part was meeting other competitors and making friends around the world,” Jonah said. 

His First Place prize includes a $25,000 university scholarship and a visit to CERN in Switzerland.  Jonah remains focused on his ultimate goal.  “We are improving the lives of people who can’t truly experience music.  In the end it comes back to that.”

Capita Foundation congratulates the remarkable dedication of this young scientist and his supportive family.

Capita Miles - Gordon Research Conference Awardees

The Capita Foundation has collected and donated thousands of airline miles for use by scientists and post doctoral students conducting auditory research.

Capita would like to congratulate the following awardees who have been selected to receive travel support to the Gordon Research Conference.

- Katie Willis
- Lingyun Zhau
- Heath Jones
- Robstein L. Chidavaenzi
- Catherine Weisz
- Ye-Hyun Kim
- Walid Jalabi