Friday, September 13, 2013

Lasker Foundation Awards for Innovative Hearing Discoveries

Congratulations to Dr. Graeme M. Clark of the University of Melbourne in Australia, Dr. Ingeborg Hochmair of Med-El in Innsbruck, Austria, and Blake S. Wilson of Duke University in North Carolina for their work in developing the modern cochlear implant.  

The Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation recognized these fearless scientists with awards, often termed “American Nobels”, in the category of Clinical Medical Research totaling $250,000. The scientists’ cochlear devices use electrical stimuli to bypass damaged hair cells and directly stimulate the main auditory nerve that conveys messages to the brain for processing as hearing. Hearing has been restored through their efforts, despite public skepticism along the way.

Dr. Graeme M. Clark
Dr. Ingeborg Hochmair

Blake S. Wilson